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The goal of this site is to help preserve and expand the liberties of the American people. It emphasizes the values of limited government, civil liberties, free markets, and especially a national security strategy confined to the defense of vital American interests.  Intrusive domestic policies and an imperial foreign policy imperil the very freedoms that make America great. It is imperative to build a new republic of liberty in the 21st century and reject the siren call of the welfare-warfare state.

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The books highlighted on this website come highly recommended by such dignitaries as:

Former Senator Gary Hart

Representative John Duncan, R-Tenn, (2nd district, elected in 1988),

Andrew J. Bacevich, Author of The Limits of Power,

Edward A. Olsen, Professor of National Security Affairs at the Naval Postgraduate School,

William J. Taylor, former director of national security studies at West Point and distinguished alumnus of The Center for Strategic and International Studies,

John J. Mearsheimer, R. Wendell Harrison Distinguished Service Professor of Political Science, University of Chicago,

Alan W. Bock, Senior Editorial Writer, Orange County Register,

Professor Harvey M. Sapolsky, Defense and Arms Control Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,

Professor Michael C. Desch, Robert M. Gates Chair in Intelligence and national Security Decision-Making, Bush School of Government and Public Service, Texas A & M University,

Selig S. Harrison, Director, Asia Program, Center for International Policy

Steven Clemons, Executive Vice President, New America Foundation,

Martin Sieff, National Security Correspondent, United Press International,

Clyde Prestowitz, Author of Three Billion New Capitalists,

Christopher Layne, Author of the Peace of Illusions:American Grand Strategy From 1940 to the Present

Alan Tonelson, Research Fellow, U.S. Business and Industry Council Educational Foundation